6 Ways to Use Olive Oil as a Miracle Hair Treatment

olive oil

Over the years, EVOO has become a staple in the homes of thousands of naturalistas around the world.  Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s great at moisturizing all hair textures, including 4c hair.  Olive oil is rich in fats and is able to penetrate the hair shaft for deep conditioning and resulting in better manageability.


Here are six ways that you can use olive oil at home for inexpensive hair treatment:


Deep Conditioner:

Mix in 3-4 tablespoons with a regular conditioner to give your hair a hydrating conditioning boost.


Hot Oil Treatment:

Grab an applicator bottle and fill it with a moderate amount of olive oil.  Put the bottle in a sinkful of warm water.  Once the oil has warmed, apply the olive oil to your scalp and to the hair shaft.  Make sure to concentrate on the ends in order to help heal any damage that has been done during the week.


Dandruff Treatment:

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil in a small bowl.  Dip your fingers in the mix and apply to scalp. Massage for five minutes, then rinse or cowash your hair.


Hair Gloss:

Use olive oil to freshen up your kinks and curls after you’ve spritzed some water on them.  Olive oil is great for softening hair and giving your texture some shine.


Scalp Massage:

Use some olive oil to massage your scalp.  Not only will you be stimulating the hair follicles, but the fats from the olive oil can stimulate hair growth.


Frizz Reducer:

Olive oil is really effective at smoothing the hair shaft and can even decrease tangling.  Use the olive oil on wet hair when using the LOC method to make detangling a breeze.


As you can see, EVOO can have so many versatile uses and all of them can benefit your hair.  This miracle treatment can do wonders for 4c hair and make managing your coils so much easier!







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