Best Natural Hair Updo

One of the easiest hairstyles that natural hair can have is an updo. Contrary to popular belief, updos can be more than just a simple bun and can add a lot of personality to your look without too much work. Natural hair updos can also be a great option for an easy protective style during times you want to keep it minimal while protecting your hair. Below, are a few of the best and most common updos you would see from black natural hair.


One of the styles you could try is a pompadour updo. A pompadour style is an updo that’s been teased at the front to create a “poof” effect and volume. When working with a pompadour style, you can either brush or comb out your hair to create a textured poof like a pompadour or you can twist your hair to create the illusion of a teased updo – both can be simple and sleek, or bold and voluminous.


Another great style to try for curly natural hair is probably the easiest – a top bun. Top buns can be large or small and can be done with your own natural hair, or you can add in a synthetic or human hair weave to create a specific top bun. A great way to add a bit of personality to top buns is to utilize accessories such as sparkled bands or beaded clip-in extensions. Like pompadours, a top bun can be sleek and elegant or textured and bold.


The last protective style, a faux hawk, ties the edgy look of a mohawk with your coily, Type 3 curly hair or Type 4 Afro Kinky Curls. Just like a mohawk, your hair is pulled up toward the middle, with the middle placed into smaller buns down in a row or out in an afro or curly top. Of all the updos here, it is definitely the most personality-driven looks one could choose. Achieve this easy hairstyle with curly afro-textured clip-in hair extensions by Private Stock Hair.

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