1. How many packs of hair comes in one bundle or one clip-in set?

You will receive one pack of hair or clip-set per unit price. We do not offer “bundle deals”.

2. How many packs of hair do I need for a full head?

We recommend at least two (2) packs of hair extensions for most installs up to 16″.  18″ and longer may require more bundles depending on your desired hairstyle.  We do not recommend splitting PS Hair wefts.

3. How is PS Hair™ measured?

All PS Hair is measured when the hair is pulled straight from weft to end?

4. I’ve heard that PS Hair™ lasts for years. Is that really true?

Private Stock Hair longevity depends on individual hair care. Real customers, however, report reusing their PS Hair anywhere between their single purchase to over two (2) years. To date, the longest confirmed customer longevity report is 3.3 years of slaying our hair extensions!  Follow us on Instagram for the latest reports!

5. Is PS Hair™ 100% virgin Remy human hair? 

PS Hair™ is absolutely pure 100% hand selected virgin Remy human hair– the highest grade class on the market.  You can care for our hair much like you may do your own.

6. Can your wigs and hair extensions be customized?

Yes! We can customize most any hairpieces.  Contact us to discuss your options.

7. When I received my bundles they were very curly, wavy and had a sheen to it. Why doesn’t the hair look textured kinky curly?

No worries!  You are looking at the factory pattern of the hair. Your PS Hair is expected to take on its actual texture after installation. All purchases are final and/or may not be exchanged if you alter the hair in any way from its original new condition. This includes wetting the hair. Please contact us immediately if you have a texture concern.

8. Why does my hair look so dry, big and unmanageable after only a few days of wearing it?

PS Hair is specifically designed to closely resemble and take on most characteristics of actual naturally curly or kinky curly coily hair textures. Your PS Hair just likely needs to be revived. You either have too much product, not enough product or are in need of a moisturizing shampoo or moisturizing conditioner. It takes time to develop a hair care routine with this magnificent texture. Please visit Hair Care for more information.  Still, have questions?  Shoot us an email (infor@privatestockhair.com) or contact us here and we will happily guide you back on track!

9. My hair is clumpy, big and dry. Is it damaged? What can I do about this?

We understand your distress and we are here for you! Your hair is probably not damaged and may simply need to be revived with a moisturizing co-wash to detangle the hair, perhaps a mild moisturizing shampoo to remove any build-up and you’ve got your life back!  You may also visit  Hair Care for additional assistance.

10. How can the same hair texture look so differently on other women?

That’s simple! It’s just a matter of styling preference, product selection, and/or product to water ratio. Express yourself and don’t forget to send us your selfies! (info@privatestockhair.com).

11. Can I swim and workout in my PS Hair™?

Yes! We hear you.  You want to look as good coming out of the water as you did going in… Visit our Hair Care page for tips on washing your extensions. Psst!  A quick tip: Before swimming coat your extensions in a cream wash-out moisturizing conditioner to help prevent tangles. You may need a mild moisturizing shampoo to remove any chlorine of saltwater from your curls after swimming.

12. How much shrinkage can I expect from your kinky curly PS Hair™?

Depending on the hair texture you may notice approximately a 2” to 4” amount of shrinkage.  So Natural™ may shrink approximately 2”-3”.  Fro Natural™ will shrink approximately 4”.  Go Natural™ may shrink approximately 1”-1.5”.

13. What weight is your hair?

PS Hair bulk hair (when offered) and sew-in hair extensions are sold in approximately 3.5 oz. and 4 oz. for your convenience  Our straight hair and curly clip-in hair extensions, however, can be purchased in 5 oz., 7 oz. or custom bundles.

14. What is the natural color of your virgin Remy human hair? Do I have a choice of l hair color?

No. Our virgin hair is generally a medium to dark brown. You cannot request a specific natural hair color. We easily pair hairpieces to their closest texture and color match. We recommend that you order your hairpieces at the same time.

15. How long has Private Stock Hair™ been in business?

Our small black-owned business has been happily serving our community since 2012.

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