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Frequently asked questions

Below you may find answers to frequently asked questions about our brand PS Hair and associated topics regarding hair systems in general. You may also find more information one each product page and in our Terms of Service (TERMS).testing


1. How many packs of hair comes in one bundle?

One 3.8-4pz pack of hair for the listed price.


2. How many packs do I need for a full head?

We recommend at least two (2) packs of hair extensions or clip in sets for most installs.


3. How is the hair measured?

All PS Hair is measured when the hair is pulled straight just as you would if you wanted to determine how long your growing hair actually is.


4. Why does my hair from your Naturally Yours Kinky Curls not look like it did when I first received it.  Why does my hair now look dry and frizzy?

Your PS Hair needs to be revived. You either have too much product, not enough product or it simply needs a moisturizing shampoo or moisturizing conditioner. It takes time to learn your hair care routine with this magnificent texture. Please visit our Hair Care for complete details to help you recognize and correct hair concerns.


5. My hair is clumping or matting together. Is it damaged? What can I do about this?

Your hair is not damaged and simply needs to be revived with a mild moisturizing conditioner or shampoo to remove excess buildup. Please see our quick Tips tab on each product page.  You may also view or download our PS Hair Care Guide from link at the bottom of your order confirmation that you will receive after your purchase.


6. How long is the wait before shipping hair extensions?

Shipping time will vary for each hair piece.  Please see each product page for details and important policies.


7. Why are all sales final?

It is not hygienically safe to accept hair returns. Our customers deserve the assurance that the hair that will ultimately be attached to their own hair, has not been in another customers care and control. Additionally, product loss effects everyone and could possibly result in increased prices for our hair. We prefer not to pass that cost along to our customers whenever possible.


8. Why is PS Hair so pricey?

Human hair from Private Stock Hair is truly an investment when cared for properly. Our quality is very high which means that you are actually saving money because you do not need to purchase hair as often. Research shows that our closest competitor’s retail cost for the same type or lesser quality extensions and wigs cost a lot more than our PS Hair products.


9. IS PS Hair Virgin hair and chemical free?

All natural hair (Natural to origin) is genetically pure and has not been colored, chemically treated or coated with silicones. All #1B PS Hair has been color altered and the hair color is not permanent. The color will run off when wet over time. We recommend that you do not again color hair that has already been color altered. For best results see your trusted licensed professional to color treat your hair or hair extensions.


10. Can PS Hair be bleached or lifted, blown out or styled with twist outs or braids?



11. I ordered two bundles of kinky curly hair. One pack looked neat and uniformed but the other was frizzy and looked worn. Was this used hair?


No. We would never allow that. Our hair is randomly inspected from every delivery, particularly of the weft construction and strands. Your hair has simply been finger combed and will revert back as soon as you Pre-poo or add water/product mix. Finger comb the other bundle or your install when it is dry and it will most likely have the same appearance.


12. Can I swim and workout in my PS hair?

Yes. See our Hair Care page for tips on washing your extensions. Quick tip: Before swimming coat your extensions in a moisturizing conditioner.


13. Why does my kinky curly hair from the Naturally Yours Kinky Curls Collection look shorter than the length I ordered?

PS Hair’s length is measured when pulled with tension

to straighten or stretch out the strands. It is impossible to have an accurate measurement if the hairs are coiled, curled or drawn up.


14. I have combination kinky hair. Is there a hair extension for me?


Most likely, yes! Our Pure Beauty is a natural blend of our 3bc (Go Natural) and 4c (Fro Neural) textures. Alternatively, mix two different textures together from our collection for a more dynamic look!


15. Will your kinky collection blend without a closure?

Yes. We have six tight curl to kinky textures in our Naturally Yours Kinky Curls Collection that should blend very well with nearly all naturals. We have matching closures for those that do not want their growing hair left out and we can instruct you as to how to best blend your own hair without the need for a closure.


16. What is the shrinkage on your textured hair from Naturally Yours Kinky Curls?

Approximately, 3.5 to 4” of shrinkage may be expected for some textures in out collection, but not all of them will.


17. Is PS Hair 100% human virgin hair?






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