Hollywood Takes the Natural Hair Journey

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Celebrities influencing Hollywood’s idea of beauty with natural hair With the constant scrutiny and prejudice, natural hair faces in the world of Hollywood, it’s always refreshing and inspiring to see someone in Hollywood breaking the mold and embracing their natural hair. Here, we’ll celebrate the celebrities and social influencers stepping up and putting their best foot forward in their natural hair.

Sanaa Lathan

An amazing actress, Sanaa embraced the full effect of her natural hair through chopping her hair off for a new role in her most recent film, “Nappily Ever After”. In the film, she embraces her most natural self and finds her confidence in her most natural features after going through a mental breakdown and cutting all her hair off to start over. Outside of the film, she has fully taken on and valued the importance of her natural hair as it begins to grow back, and encourages others to do the same.


No stranger to embracing the full effect of what naturals can do, singer Solange can do no wrong with her natural hair. It encompasses her entire being and her work; her song “Don’t Touch My Hair” speaks volumes of black culture and the beauty of natural hair. She has always been genuine in her support for natural hair, and it shows in everything she does.

Lupita Nyong’o

Through her looks on the red carpet, press tours, and in everyday life, actress Lupita Nyong’o has shown off and proudly showcased her natural hair. In turn, her natural hair has influenced many others and those watching to let their hair loose in its most natural form.

Tracee Ellis Ross

A bold and confident woman already, actress Tracee Ellis Ross knows how to confidently work a look. Her natural hair is no exception; showing it off and making it a forefront on her social media and in her everyday life. She has always opened the door for others to showcase their best natural self, and the best way she does it is through her natural hair.

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