Is It Time to Call Your Doctor About Your Hair Loss

Is It Time to Call Your Doctor About Your Hair Loss

Let’s face it: dealing with hair loss of any kind isn’t easy.  It’s normal to feel confused and seek out options to stop shedding and fallout in general, but if you start to experience certain types of loss then you want to make sure that you call your doctor as soon as possible.  Hair loss can make you feel embarrassed, but the sooner you visit the doctor, the sooner you can find a solution for dealing with it. In this case, your body will almost always give you signs that it’s time to see a doctor.  Here are three situations where you’ll need to see the doctor about your hair loss as soon as you can:


  1. When you have quick and sudden hair loss:

If you find yourself shedding hair the size of golf balls, or bigger, every day, you might want to call your doctor.  You might be suffering from something internally that you might not know about that is causing your hair to shed.

  1. When you suffer from an abnormal scalp conditions:

Having a dermatological issue with your scalp can also attribute to losing hair right from the bulb.  When the skin becomes inflamed, irritated, or even starts pussing or bleeding, it creates an unstable environment for hair follicles, making the hair easier to fall out.  Even something that seems as harmless as dandruff can attribute to hair loss.  Dandruff leads to an itchy scalp; excessive scratching can possibly lead to hair loss as well.  If your dandruff is so severe that it’s leaving you with an uncontrollable, itchy scalp, it’s time to call the doctor.

  1. When you take multiple prescription medicines:

Do some research on your own to see if any of the prescriptions you take have hair loss as a symptom?   This may be easier if you are only taking a few at a time, but for women who suffer from anemia, thyroids, or even menopause may take quite a few medications or nutritional supplements that may affect the thickness of your hair.


Whatever you do, make sure to really evaluate the reason for your hair loss before calling the doctor.  If you’ve simply been wearing braids or weaves for a long period of time, or too many times consecutively, that might be the issue.  If you’ve been wearing braids AND you have a medical condition that causes hair loss, then you’d definitely want to chat with your primary care physician or a specialist.