MEET ANGELA, founder & owner

Angela Maloney is the owner and founder of Private Stock Hair™ since its conception in late 2012. This hardworking woman has had 32 years of professional and personal experience with hair extensions and wigs. She has endured the disheartenment associated with the quest for “good hair”, and serves to help you to avoid the same.  Angela is very candid and passionate about her business.  “Our hair game is real! I have both needed hair and I have obsessed with wanting hair.  The problem was and still exists to a certain extent, that we do not have many options in finding quality hair that looks and styles like our own. More disturbingly, “we”  patronize a huge sector of business that is monopolized by another culture who does not experience or appreciate protective styling and all that we endure to achieve and maintain healthy hair.  We black women are our best advocates. We need a stronger presence in the hair and black beauty market.  I just felt a need and heartfelt desire to hopefully bring forth positive, ethical and reliable change”, says Ms. Maloney.

Angela can identity natural hair struggles from all aspects. Angela has survived a near-fatal brain aneurysm.  Soon after she big chopped bald and resorted to poorly fitted wigs, and an array of braid and hair extension styles during the early 90’s, a time when lnatural hairstyles were misunderstood, widely unaccepted in the workforce and often ostracized in the community.   Two decades later she became legally blind due to a retina impairment and retired from her full-time career.  19 months into retirement Angela joined together her love affair with hair and new lifestyle to form her hair brand.  She explains that helping other women to look and feel good about themselves is well worth the struggles of being a small black business owner.