Hair Care

You can wash, use low heat, style, swim, workout, dye or bleach our virgin natural hair.  Do not apply products with alcohol, heavy oils or clarifying agents.  Do not allow hair care products to build-up. Product buildup will cause your curls to clump together, appear dull and swell. 

PS Hair™ is masterfully crafted. It is not necessary to seal your wefts but doing so may increase longevity. We do not recommend splitting hair wefts or using hair glue to sew-in your human hair extensions.  You can minimize cutting the wefts during installation by using the fold-over method.  And remember, the older PS Hair™ textures get, the better they will look!

Always use a high-quality moisturizing shampoo and a high-quality moisturizing conditioner to wash your hairpieces and human hair wig units. We recommend that you limit or do not use a heavy type leave-in conditioner on your hair extensions.  Heavy product use may cause buildup.  Over conditioning causes the virgin hair to dry out and perform poorly.

Do’s and Dont’sDo not apply heavy oils, alcohol or clarifying products.

•  Do not sleep on wet hair.
•  Do not allow product build-up.
•  Do not over process virgin hair.  Never process colored hair.
•  Only use a wide-tooth comb or brush.  Never brush dry hair.
•  Only comb or brush hair extensions while wet.  First, apply a  50/50 mix of creme conditioner and water and gently detangle from the ends to the weft.
•  Moisturize hair after being exposed to extreme heat, humidity or heavy rain.
•  Apply a generous amount of a wash-out creme conditioner to damp hair extensions prior to swimming.  This will help to protect the hair from matting and will keep your curls popping!  Always wash chlorine and saltwater from your hair and hair extensions immediately after swimming with a moisturizing mild shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner.
•  Always secure your hair before sleeping in at least 5 large braids.  Be sure to detangle before braiding.
•  Although you can apply heat to our curly virgin hair textures, we do not recommend doing so.  Please be aware that you risk your curls not reverting as tightly as you may like.