Angela Maloney

OWNER & Founder

“It’s very important to me that I turnout protective hairstyles that actually and genuinely benefit you.   A solid hair care regimen, premium virgin hair, and trusted products & services can better enable you to reach and maintain healthier hair– the goal.  After over three decades of wearing and retailing virgin hair, I know what you’re looking for.  I have endured the frustration and mistakes for you so that you can maximize your dollars and enjoy your overall experience with us.  When you look good you feel better and feeling better is gold”!


Owner and Member of Private Stock Hair LLC™ (PS Hair™), Angela Maloney, identifies with natural hair struggles from both a consumer and a merchant’s perspective.  Ms. Malomey big chopped bald following brain surgery in the early 1990s.  Thereafter, followed some years of disappointing hairstyles with poorly fitted wigs and pricey low-quality yaki and body wave hair textures.  In 2011 when Angela discovered a distributor that could reliably source high-quality virgin hair in which to manufacture curly hair textures that looked and styled like her own she never looked back!  After personally testing the products for over a year, Angela aligned with and created which would go on to become a trusted source of quality long-lasting virgin hair for women of color.


We guarantee our high-quality hair products against craftsmanship defects for the life of our hair extensions.  Every bundle of virgin hair is carefully inspected before being shipped from our facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Doing so helps ensure that we are delivering to you the hair quality standards by which we stand behind and service. 


Private Stock Hair™ is 100% pure unprocessed Remy human hair. Our curly hair clip-ins, wigs and extensions are premium and may be cared for similar to your own hair.  Our reliable hair sourcing remains uncompromised and unchanged since launching the PSHair™ brand. With great care, some of our customers report to rocking PS Hair™ for up to 3.3 years from one single purchase.  Those savings are real and very smart shopping when you add up the dollars and time saved by not constantly trolling Ms. Google hoping to find “some good hair” to buy.


You can wash, use low heat, style, swim, workout, dye or bleach our virgin natural color Remy human hair with care. We recommend that you always apply high-quality hair care products to your straight and curly hair extensions.  Please seek the services of a trusted hair care professional when applying chemicals to your or our PS Hair™.


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