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We are clearing out our end of year inventory.  All Clearance Sale products are new and unused. Prices are as marked.  All purchases are final.  All clearance purchases are final.  Enjoy same day shipping if ordered before 2 pm EST M-F.  Offer may not be combined with any other discount, sale or event.

Clip-in virgin hair extensions are ‘must haves’  for women on the go!  Ideal for highlights, bangs, sexy volume or anyone seeking change without the commitment.  In just 10 minutes you’ve turned up that Black Girl Magic!



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Type 4c Kinky natural clip-in hair extensions are a quick “do it yourself” protective style for black women with natural hair.  Non-permanent- these custom crafts are ideal for transitioners to learn about natural hair care. Versatile. Naturalistas adore the simple ‘snap-in’ brilliance of instant fullness, length or fabulous trendsetting color!   Give your edges and crown a break or just make that mans drop!  Get your life…

* Clips are made to order and ship in approximately 14 business days. Contact us for 2 oz. or custom requests.
** You may dye or bleach virgin natural colored hair.  We recommend that you use salon grade products.
*** #1b hair color is permanent and hair will resist additional applications. Please do not color or bleach #1b hair.



Quality: 100% human hair
Class: virgin or Remy (#1b)
Color: natural. #1b black
Size:  4 oz standard, 6 oz.Clips per set: see FAQ
Reverts:  yes
Pattern:  steam textured
Lengths: 10″ – 24″Contents: one set per unit price
Measured: pulled straight
Shrinkage: estimated  2″-4″


Quick Care Tips

PS Hair is masterfully crafted. It is not necessary to seal your wefts but doing so may increase longevity. We do not recommend splitting hair wefts or using adhesives.  You should also minimize cutting the wefts during installation by using the fold over method. You should find PS Hair care and maintenance to be very easy as our hair gets  better over time.  Always use a high quality moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to wash your hair pieces. Do not use leave-in conditioner, oils, alcohol or clarifying products, sleep on wet hair, allow product build-up, over process, fail to detangle, or fail to moisturize after the hair has been exposed to heavy rain or after shampoo/conditioning.  Our PS Hair Care Guide may be viewed online or from the link at the bottom of your Order Confirmation email from us. Visit Hair Care for additional information.

1. How many packs of hair comes in one bundle or one clip-in set?

You will receive one pack of hair or clip-set per unit price. We do not offer “bundle deals”.

2. How many packs of hair do I need for a full head?

We recommend at least two (2) packs of hair extensions or clip-in sets for most installs. Below is a general guideline. Quantity may be affected by hair length, ounces of hair used, desired style and thickness of your own hair. We do not recommend splitting PS Hair wefts.

• 8″-14” = 1 to 2 packs.
• 14″-18″ = 1 to 2 packs.
• 18″-26″ = 2-3+packs.

3. How is PS Hair hair measured?

All PS Hair is measured when the hair is pulled straight.

4. I’ve heard that PS Hair lasts for years. Is that really true?

Private Stock Hair longevity depends on individual hair care. Real customers however report reusing their PS Hair anywhere between their purchase to over two years. To date, the  longest confirmed customer longevity report is 3.3 years of slaying our hair extensions!  Follow us on Instagram for the latest reports!

5. Is PS Hair 100% virgin human hair? 

PS Hair may be purchased as 100% virgin human hair or 100% Remy human hair. Our curly and kinky curl textures are all patterned with gentle steam. Virgin hair is chemical free and can be colored or bleached at home. Remy hair is virgin hair that has been dyed at out factory. Our factory color (dye) is permanent. We do not recommend that your dye or bleach colored hair. Doing so will not produce the desired result.

6. Will Remy hair last as long as virgin hair?

Typically, virgin hair will last longer than Remy hair because it has not been exposed to chemicals.

7. When I received my bundles they were very curly, wavy and had a sheen to it. Why doesn’t the hair look textured kinky curly?

No worries!  You are looking at the factory pattern of the hair. Your PS Hair is expected to take on its actual texture after installation. All purchases are final and/or may not be exchanged if you alter the hair in any way from its original new condition. This includes wetting the hair. Please contact us immediately if you have a texture concern.

8. Why does my hair look so dry, big and unmanageable after only a few days of wearing it?

PS Hair is specifically designed to closely resemble and take on most characteristics of actual type 4 hair. Your PS Hair just likely needs to be revived. You either have too much product, not enough product or in need of a moisturizing shampoo or moisturizing conditioner. It takes time to develop a hair care routine with this magnificent texture. Please visit Hair Care for more information.  Still have questions?  Shoot us an email and we will happily guide you back on track!

9. I’m walking around with a hot mess birds nest of clumpy and big hair! Is it damaged? What can I do about this?

We understand your distress and we are here for you! Your hair is probably not damaged and may simply need to be revived with a moisturizing co-wash to detangle the hair, perhaps a mild moisturizing shampoo to remove any build-up and you’ve got your life back!   Please see our FAQ > Quick Tips for a possible remedy or contact us for assistance.  You may also view or download our PS Hair Care Guide from the link at the bottom of your order confirmation or visit our online resource -Hair Care.

10. How can the same hair texture look so different on other women?

That’s simple! It’s just a matter of styling preference, product selection, and/or product to water ratio. Express yourself and don’t forget to send us your selfies! (

11. Can I swim and workout in my PS hair?

Yes! We hear you.  You want to look as good coming out of the water as you did going in… Visit our  Hair Care page for tips on washing your extensions. Psst!  Quick tip: Before swimming coat your extensions in a creme wash-out moisturizing conditioner and rinse out afterwards.  You may need a mild moisturizing shampoo to remove any chlorine of salt water from your curls as well.

12. How much shrinkage can I expect from your kinky curly PS Hair?

Depending on the hair texture you may notice approximately a 2” to 4” amount of shrinkage.

13. What weight is your hair?

PS Hair is sold in approximately 4 oz. Our clip in extensions however can be purchased in 2 oz., 4 oz., or 6 oz. bundles.

14. What is the natural color of your virgin hair? Do I have a choice of natural hair color?

Our virgin hair is generally a medium to dark brown. You cannot request a specific natural hair color. We will pair hair pieces to their closest match. We recommend that you order your hair pieces at the same time.

15. What origin is PS Hair?

We source our hair from South America.



All clip-in sets are CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER to best meet your hair needs. Sets will process approximately 14 business days before shipping.  All clip-in sets are made to order.

Delivery (Orders ship from North Carolina)

US delivery: 1-3 business days after shipping.
• International delivery: 5-7 business days after shipping.

Shipping Fees (all shipping fees must be paid before any order will begin processing).

Free US shipping- Purchases $99 or more. *limited time only.
International- $40-$60 USD. Rates may vary.
Overnight Signature – $40 USD *please contact customer care for availability.


Oops!  No one is perfect.  When mistakes happen lets work together to correct it! You must request an exchange via email ( of any unused and unaltered PS Hair piece (excludes wigs, silk closures, frontals, custom pieces and bulk hair) within 48 hours after delivery. Some requests may be denied. Exchange requests should be emailed to Customer Care at,  You will be required to submit a clear digital photo of the hair piece that you would like to exchange.  A PS Hair representative  will contact you via company email with an authorization to proceed or with a denial.  All authorized returns will be inspected by the company.  We must conclude that the returned hair is new, unused and unaltered which includes, but is not limited to, wetting the hair, odors, applying products or removing the bindings. If the hair being returned to us does not qualify for exchange, you will be responsible for emailing us pre-paid postage and we will then ship the returned hair back to you.

If your return is authorized you will be responsible for return shipping fees to and from PS Hair. There is a 15% restocking fee for all returned hair pieces.  We will happily incur shipping costs if we have made a mistake in shipping the wrong hair texture as determined by PS Hair staff and you will be charged for restocking fees.


All purchases shall be final.  We will happily  issue store credit in equal value to the hair cost.


You may cancel any order within 24 hours from purchase. Cancellations thereafter will continue to process and the purchase will be considered final.

Shipping Policies- general.  (Please read the following very carefully). Private Stock Hair shall not be responsible for any of the following.

Customer shipping address inaccuracies or mistakes. Please make sure that your shipping address has been updated in Paypal if you are using your Paypal account to complete your purchase with us.
Your dissatisfaction related to any hair recommendation. PS Hair shall have no obligation to refund, or exchange. Please understand that the final purchase decision is your own.

–  purchase notes that you have left for us. Notes are not read.
–  processing delays due to conflicting email addresses between Ps Hair and Paypal.
–  theft (stolen orders) after delivery.
–  unauthorized signatures upon delivery receipt.
–  product options that you have selected.
–  shipping fees and/or reimbursement associated with customer requested.  product exchang

Oops! We could not locate your form.
es or returns.
–  scheduling or missed hair appointments.


***  Please note:

Status updates. There is no status change to report to you between the purchase date and the day your order ships. You will not receive any communication from us during that time.
PS Hair accounts and email address. Please provide us with an email address that you routinely monitor. Inaccurate email address will delay or prevent PS Hair from communicating with you about your order processing or shipping.

Paypal. All PS Hair purchases are made through Paypal whether you have a Paypal account or not. You may make your purchase with a credit or debit card not associated with Paypal. All shipping labels are generated automatically from the information that you have in your Paypal account. In some rare cases using a different name or email addresses in your Paypal account from what you have provided in your PS Hair account may cause processing delays. Paypal and PS Hair databases can but may not always successfully cross reference your order details. Please contact us if you have different email addresses in Paypal and PS Hair. We do not have access to your Paypal account or credit card information. Our website is encrypted with the highest SSL certificate available to protect your better.

Notice of shipping. Please provided an email address that you routinely monitor. All notices will delivery to the address provided. If you used Paypal to make your purchase, your order will ship to the address on file with Paypal. If you did not use Paypal to make your purchase, your order should ship to the shipping address on file in your PS Hair account. You are responsible for updating all of your accounts. To contact Paypal please  call them, 1 (888) 221-1161.



It really is all about YOU!


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10″ 4 oz. Texture kinky l Straight natural color, 14″ 4oz. Fro Natural natural color


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