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Frosace is everything!  We’ve teamed up with Yolanda Renee™, @etcblogmag, to craft a full lace coily curl signature wig unit to captures Yolanda’s signature heart-shaped hairstyle! Discover why you need a Frosace in your wig rotation!


Customized on demand and shipped to you in only 10 business days or less!  All wig purchases are final.

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All wig units are made on demand.  Processing is approximately 5-8 business days. Please review full policies below before purchasing your new unit.

Return & Exchange.  Due to the hygienic nature associated with wig units and for the safety of our customers, all wigs and 360 wig band frontal purchases are final.  Returns, exchanges or store credit is not permitted.  We will happily, however,  correct or exchange any mistakes made in construction details of your order.  Your construction details are listed on your order confirmation.  All units are inspected prior to shipping.

Cancellation.  You may only cancel any wig purchase within 24 hours of purchase.   Units are made specifically for you at the time of order.

Repair services.  Private Stock Hair™ does not provide repair or alteration services at this time.

Shipping & Processing.  Wigs begin processing 24 hours after purchase.  No order may be canceled after our wig processing period.  The production time for each wig unit will vary.   We strive for on-time delivery.  Please understand that production time is general and approximate. We are not responsible for theft, damage, loss, acts of nature or other courier related delays after your order has shipped from us. We will, however, happily cooperate with the USPS when needed. You must request signature delivery which will incur additional fees. We are not responsible and do not replace lost, damaged or stolen orders. All of our transactions process through Paypal even if you do not have an account with them.  Very high density and some complicated or custom requests will take at least 10 business days to process before shipping.

Notification & Updates.  You will only receive two email notices from us (Order Confirmation and shipping notice).  There is no activity (updates) to report to you from the time of purchase until your order is ready to be shipped to you.  During this period your order is still being processing and constructed.  After your wig has been completed and has actually shipped you will receive an email notification from Paypal containing your tracking number. Please allow up to 24 hours before activity sho



We understand that purchasing wigs can be confusing and you may feel a bit uncertain.  We get that and are ready to assist  you with your wig needs.   All of our wig caps provide a comfortable, breathable and light-weight fit.  With proper care and storage, you PS Hair Wig should serve you with years of slayage!


Cap Construction


(Swiss lace) with a little stretch from ear to ear.  The ultimate natural looking and undetectable wig available on the market.  Offers most versatile hairstyling.  Best choice for women who want complete versatility and ability to achieve up-dos.

  • adjustable backstrap
  • three side combs
  • can part anywhere
  • can wear a high ponytail
  • Bleached knots
  • baby hair
  • needs adhesive to secure the wig
  • delicate


Swiss lace with a little stretch from ear to ear. May be worn with or without adhesive.  WEARING WITH ADHESIVE The ultimate natural looking and undetectable wig available on the market.  Does not offer free parting versatile hairstyling.  Best choice for women who plan to wear the wig as shown.  WEARING WITHOUT ADHESIVE  Carefully trim the lace completely off.  Leave out a very small section of your hair to cover over the front perimeter of your wig.

  • adjustable back strap
  • three side combs
  • can part crown area
  • cannot wear very high ponytail
  • can wear a high ponytail
  • more durable
  • less expensive than full lace

How to attach a lace wig?

1.  Create a smooth foundation for the wig by braiding your hair down or cover your hair with a wig cap.
2. While holding the wig with both hands, position the wig so that you can see the inside of the wig cap.  The adjustable backstrap should be at the top. Adjust your grip on the cap so that one hand is on each side of the backstrap.
3.  Hold your head down and begin to slowly cover your head with the wig from the nape at the back of your head upwards to your front hairline.
4.  Adjust the cap according to how and where you think the hairline looks most natural.
5.  Gradually trim excess lace by only cutting small pieces at a time.
6.  Apply adhesive to your intended hairline area then carefully press the lace over the adhesive. Use a blow dryer on a warm setting to bond the lace for a flawless natural looking hairline.
7.  Style your baby hair and wig as desired.

How to remove a lace wig?

1.  Secure the wig hair away from the hairline.
2. Apply lace adhesive remover along the perimeter of the hairline.
3. Carefully and slowly begin to peel the lace off.
4. Use a mild shampoo to remove any adhesive residue from the unit.  Air dry and store on a wig form.

How to store your wig?

Keep your wig on a wire wig stand when you are not wearing it. This will air out your wig, prevents agitation and reduces stretching.  Keep your unit in a dry area.

How to attach a lace wig?

1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about PS Hair™.  Are your wigs made with the same type of hair quality as your hair extensions?  

Yes!  All of our wigs and extensions are made from our trusted and high-quality private stock.

2. How long can I expect my PS Hair Wig™ to last?

With proper care our customers have reported enjoying our wigs up to 3 years.  While everyone will not necessarily achieve the same results, our virgin human hair wig longevity is approximately, 2+ years.  This includes do-it-yourself wigs made with Private Stock Hair™.

3. How is PS Hair hair measured?

All PS Hair™ is measured when the hair is stretched straight.

5. Is PS Hair™ 100% virgin human hair? 

PS Hair is 100% pure chemical-free human hair. Our curly and kinky curl textures are all patterned with gentle steam. Virgin hair is chemical free and can be colored or bleached at home. Remy hair is virgin hair that has been dyed at our factory. Our factory color (dye) is permanent. We do not recommend that your dye or bleach colored hair. Doing so will not produce the desired result.

6. Will Remy hair last as long as virgin hair?

Typically, virgin hair will last longer than Remy hair because it has not been exposed to chemicals.

7. When I received my unit it was very curly, wavy and had a sheen to it. Why doesn’t the hair look textured kinky curly like the photos on your website?

No worries!  You are looking at the factory pattern of the hair. Your PS Hair™ is expected to take on its actual texture after wear, styling and over time.  The wig photos on our website have all been styled and manipulated.

8. Why does my hair look so dry, big and unmanageable after only a few days of wearing the wig?

PS Hair™ is specifically designed to closely resemble and take on most characteristics of actual natural hair types.  Your wig unit just likely needs to be revived. You either have too much product, not enough product or are in need of a moisturizing shampoo or moisturizing conditioner. It takes time to develop a hair care routine with this magnificent texture. Please visit Hair Care for more information.  Still, have questions?  Shoot us an email and we will happily guide you back on track!

9. I’m walking around with a hot mess birds nest of clumpy and big hair! Is it damaged? What can I do about this?

We understand your distress and we are here for you! Your hair is probably not damaged and may simply need to be revived with a moisturizing co-wash to detangle the hair, perhaps a mild moisturizing shampoo to remove any build-up and you’ve got your life back!   Please see our FAQ > Quick Tips for a possible remedy or contact us for assistance.  You may also view or download our PS Hair Care Guide from the link at the bottom of your order confirmation or visit our online resource -Hair Care.

10. How can the same hair texture look so different on other women and wigs on your website?

That’s simple! It’s just a matter of styling preference, product selection, and/or product to water ratio. Express yourself and don’t forget to send us your selfies! (

11. What is the natural color of your virgin hair? Do I have a choice of natural hair color?

Our virgin hair is generally a medium to dark brown. You cannot request a specific natural hair color. We will pair hairpieces to their closest match. We recommend that you order your hair pieces at the same time.

12. Can I send you a photo of a wig that I like and have you make it for me?

Yes.  This is our specialty.  We can customize most anything!

In 2014 we designed a signature unit for social media public figure, Yolanda Renee, @etcblogmag, named  Frosace.  The wig very closely resembles Yolanda’s globally recognized logo and chic curly heart-shaped fro at that time. Through the years Yolanda has posted numerous photos while rocking her Frosace on various social media platforms. Yolanda’s latest and our most favorite Frosace photo is her 2017 Frosae fro-out! Check it out here below.  It’s dope right?!   Get on our radar! Follow @privatestockhair and @etcblogmag and tag us in all of YOUR frosace pics.

Shipping:   10 business days to ship to you
Hair length: 12″-16″
Hair color: natural medium brown
Hair density:  light-medium, thick                                     
Featured wig:  12″ thick  

Hair texture: Type 3bc – Go Natural
Cap construction: full lace or lacefront. Hand-implanted
Hair source:  100% virgin Remy human hair
Custom options:  Yes.  Contact for details


12″, 14″


Light-medium, Thick (as featured)


Small, Medium


Lacefront, Full lace

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