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afro short hair curly virgin hair lace wigafro chich tapered kinky curl tight curl wig backstocking cap colorbrown wig cap and lacefrontbrown lace on wig captransparent lace

Onyx – Curly Wavy 10″ 3ab Lace Wig


Onyx – Short Tapered Virgin Wig.  8″-10″

Onyx – Curly Wavy 10″ 3ab Lace Wig
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If you wear wigs that don’t capture your desired hair texture, you’re settling for less. Look great and feel amazing with us.


Very delicate.  Made of premium Swiss lace with a little stretch from ear-to-ear.  Most natural looking and undetectable wigs available on the market.  Best choice or women who want complete hairstyling versatility and ability to achieve up-dos.  Each hair is individually knotted (inserted by hand) for a very natural look.

Features:  baby hair, adjustable back strap, and bleached knots.  (Side combs may be attached for an additional fee).  Adhesive is required to wear this wig style.


  • Extremely versatile; can be parted anywhere
  • One of most natural looking on the market
  • Delicate lace
  • Requires adhesive
  • an achieve a high ponytail
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Very durable and dependable. Swiss lace with hand-tied hair only in the top 2.5”-3” from the hairline with a little stretch from ear-to-ear comfort. The back of the wig is made by sewing skin wefts on the wig with technical precision.  May be worn with or without adhesive.  Best for women looking for durable and quick wig life!

Features:  adjustable backstrap, ear-to-ear elastic band, baby hair, and bleached knots.  Adhesive is not required to wear this wig style.


  • One of the most natural looking on the market
  • Strong lace
  • Usually requires adhesive
  • Can only part in a small section in front
  • Cannot wear a very high ponytail
  • Less expensive than full lace
lacefront wig cap right


  1. Create a smooth foundation for the wig by braiding your hair down or cover your hair with a wig cap.
  2. While holding the wig with both hands, position the wig so that you can see the inside of the wig cap.  The adjustable backstrap should be at the top. Adjust your grip on the cap so that one hand is on each side of the backstrap.
  3. Hold your head down and begin to slowly cover your head with the wig from the nape at the back of your head upwards to your front hairline.
  4. Adjust the cap according to how and where you think the hairline looks most natural.
  5. Gradually trim excess lace by only cutting small pieces at a time.
  6. Apply adhesive to your intended hairline area then carefully press the lace over the adhesive. Use a blow dryer on a warm setting to bond the lace for a flawless natural looking hairline.
  7. Style your baby hair and wig as desired.


  1. Secure the wig hair away from the hairline.
  2. Apply lace adhesive remover along the perimeter of the hairline.
  3. Carefully and slowly begin to peel the lace off.
  4. Use a mild shampoo to remove any adhesive residue from the unit.  Air dry and store on a wig form.


Keep your wig on a wire wig stand, styrofoam form head, silk, or silk to satin bag when you are not wearing it. This will air out your wig, prevents agitation, and reduces stretching.  Keep your unit in a dry and cool area.  It is recommended to shampoo your PS Hair™ wig and allow it to completely dry before storing it.


that purchasing wigs can be confusing and you may feel a bit uncertain.  We get that and are ready to assist you with your wig needs.   Private Stock Hair wig caps provide a comfortable, breathable and light-weight fit.  Any wig may be customized.  Please contact us to review your wig options. With proper care and storage, you PS Hair Wig should serve you with years of trusted style.  All of our wigs hairs are individually hand-tied and professionally crafted in our factory.

Dimensions 25 × 42 × 66 in
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I do not want my wig cut/trimmed., Please style/trim my wig

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Custom Order

We can customize most any wig. Please email us to discuss the details of your PS Hair™ wig unit!

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