Protecting Your Hair During the Winter

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The many ways to protect your hair during the winter season

As the winter months take full effect, one of the many impacts it has on us is on natural hair. The wind turns a great look into an unintentional afro, the rain creates unmanageable frizz, and the cold can leave hair unhealthy and dull. It’s no wonder the winter months are some of the hardest months; but not to worry- there are a number of ways to keep your hair healthy, strong and beautiful through the harshest months of the year. With these helpful tips and tricks, your hair will withstand even the longest of winters this year!

 A deep conditioner is your best friend.

Deep conditioning helps moisturize your hair while sealing everything in. It’s like the restart button for your hair; and in the winter, the restart button gets hit often. Once a week, find a solid deep conditioner, and apply it to your hair care routine. To give your hair even more of a boost, add steam to your hair with the deep conditioning. Easy way to do this- once you’ve added in the deep conditioner, place a plastic cap over your head and sit under a dryer.

DO NOT use heat!

Whatever you do, no matter how tempting it may seem, DON’T use heat on your hair! The heat will dry out your hair faster and in the winter, by the time you walk outside, your hair just becomes brittle and harsh to work with. Find protective styles to rock that could help tempt you away from using heat in your hair. Your hair keeps nutrients and moisture in with protective styles, and no heat is required or necessary. Everyone wins!

Cover your hair the smart way.

The colder it gets, the harder it is to avoid covering your head so you stay warm. Some of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when protecting their hair is covering their hair with knitted scarves and hats. In the lining of hats and scarves are materials that don’t help protect and seal in moisture for your hair. Find hats with silk liners or find scarves that are made of protective materials that maintain and keep the moisture in. With these few tricks and tips, you can protect your hair while keeping it amazing and beautiful in the winter months!

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