Hold on to your wigs and weaves curlfrined! Private Stock Hair has true to texture 4c kinky curls.   Rock good hair days effortlessly!  Imagine all the big hair goodness of dense, soft, textured curls that requires less manipulation than your own hair.


It’s time to get your curl fix.  Frame your face beat with crazy sexy bouncing curls!  Our 3ab sensation helps you get your life with fewer products than your own hair.  Make a Curly Girl statement…  curls are forever!


Not too curly.  Not too tight.  This 3bc natural textured curl is juuuuust right!  Go Natural™ lets you rock a soft natural hairstyle with all the volume you need to stand out in a crowd.


Come-on in the room…  PS Hair’s kinky straight is the most prescribed medicine for ‘blow-out blues’ and attention seekers alike!  This texture can’t help but turn heads.  Just the right amount of carefully steamed texture, weight, and ripple to make this style believable even in 24″.  Even the low luster looks healthy.  This texture is perfection under any circumstance.  Best worn long, you will own every room you enter.


NEW for 2019

Wet hair don’t care. Uh-oh! We’ve messed around and created the ultimate Type 3 curl!  Introduce multiple hairstyles to your game and turn up your social life with just one hair texture.  We’ve made it possible to achieve a soft defined curl with sexy natural luster, wavy big curl fluff out or a combination of both looks which is ideal for tapered cuts or short faded sides.  And when she gets wet…. I mean curls just stay popping and looking fresh. What rain?


Pure beauty™  is a Type 4ab kinky-curly, coily unique blend of definition and frizz.  We created this phenomenal style exclusively for black women with more than one natural hair texture.