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Kinky  Straight 

kinky straigiht natural hair extension



Yaki Textured Straight

yaki virgin black hair

YAKI TEXTURED STRAIGHT resembles a fresh silk-press on African American hair types or the look of a fresh salon perm.   The hair has a very subtle textured look and feel.  Our virgin yaki Remy straight hair has a healthy natural mid to low luster which generally does not require additional oil based products to style or maintain your desired final look.  Yaki hair is very sleek in its natural “hang-time” state.  Our Yaki is also a preferred option for most hairstyles with bangs. She is just an all-around classic!

Sultry Natural Straight

sultry natural straight virgin human hair

SULTRY  NATURAL STRAIGHT is a native to origin straight hair texture with natural characteristics in texture and flow according to its donor’s genetics.  PS Hair™ Sultry Natural Straight is not steam processed.  Generally no two bundles of Sultry Natural Straight that will have the exact same appearance unless the bundles are cut from one individual hair donor. We will carefully match your hair bundle sets to its nearest complimentary matching bundle. Sultry Natural Straight hair is neither silky straight nor yaki textured.  The free-flowing natural strands mean that you do not necessarily need to actually style the hair with curls or heat for the texture to look great. French braids, curls, flat iron hairstyles will look sensational.  You are not likely to achieve any long-lasting small braid or twists hairstyles with this particular texture.

Blonde Natural Straight

brazilian blonde virgin hair extensions--privte stock hair-WEB

BLONDE SULTRY NATURAL STRAIGHT has all the characteristics of Sultry Natural Straight, however, these strands tend to be slightly more textured its feel and appearance.  Blonde Sultry Natural Straight is a popular choice and is often preferred by women seeling to lift and dye their sexy hair lighter than #1 (black), #1b-off black and beyond #4 hair colors.  Choose Sultry Natural Straight (featured above) to color or to dye its natural medium brown tones to darker hair colors such as #1 jet black, #1b near black or perhaps mixed colored dark tones.

Euro Natural Straight 


EURO NATURAL STRAIGHT  is considered by many as a more traditional straight virgin human hair. Euro Natural Straight has a very slight natural native texture however, the hair strands will not feel as textured as any of our other hairs from Flow Straight Hair Collection.  Euro Natural Straight is also a native texture which is not steam pressed to pattern its look.  Expect this particular style to remain mostly straight.  Most prefer this texture when they want all the benefits of Sultry Natural Straight but without any actual, and/or, obviously textured feel or appearance.  Life is like smooth, sexy sway-filled brillance for days with this one!  Euro straight will accept hot curls.  You are not likely to achieve any small braid or twist hairstyles rains or twist hairstyle with this hair texture.

Who says that kinky straight hair will not hold a curl? You too can achieve
similar sexy, bouncy, captivating wand curls.

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