Summer Heat v. Your Hair: maintaining the best look during the heated summer days

Summer Heat v. Your Hair: maintaining the best look during the heated summer days

Although it may seem like a long way off, summer is coming (we promise!) and with summer coming up,
one of the biggest concerns you may have is “how do I tame my natural hair in this heat?!” Well, not to
worry- below are some great tips and tricks that will help keep your hair healthy and frizz free so you can
enjoy the summer without the unintentional frizz fro.

Deep conditioner is your best friend. This is now the time where deep conditioning and clarifying shampoos are key. These will keep your hair refreshed and cleansed- almost feeling new. Plus, they really do help with keeping your hair moisturized.
No more heat!

During this time, it may be tempting, but do NOT use a lot (if any) heat on your hair. Protective styles are
great as an alternative or even wigs should you want to switch it up, but aim to keep to heat in your hair
low. It’s already hot outside, no point in adding additional heat to your hair.
Hydration is key on all levels.

Not only should you keep your hair hydrated, but your body too! Your body and hair have a deep
connection and work together to bring you your best self. At least 6-8 glasses of water will help hydrate
your body and keep your hair hydrated too! Another thing to look for would be shampoos and products that
have SPF or some type of sun protectant within them for additional hydration and protection.
Co-wash it up in the summer!

Finally, co-wash your hair- it’s super simple and is a great way to keep the moisture in the hair. It’s also
easier to manage your hair; it’s manageable and smooth.

With these tips and tricks to your hair, you’ll slay another summer of natural hair!

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