The best accessories to spice up your summer natural hair

The best accessories to spice up your summer natural hair

With the summer bringing the heat, it’s time for you to style up your natural hair with great accessories that
can really make your hair stand out! Here are a few great accessories and where to find them, that you
should be adding to your closet this year.

Head wraps are a great accessory for any length and style of natural hair. They’re versatile and can come
in some great colors and patterns! One great place to get wraps from is The Wrap Life. They not only
provide you with some great choices of wraps, but they even have a tutorial on their site of different styles
you can choose with your wrap.

Hats and caps are another great accessory to add to your closet this summer. You’re probably shocked
that hats would be a great natural hair accessory, but hear us out- with hats these days, there are amazing
companies that have taken natural hair care into consideration, like Grace Eleyae; they have a number of
hats and caps lined with satin to keep your hair protected all the while looking great!

Hair clips and beads are also amazing accessories- they add a bit of personality to your hair and patterns
as well. A wonderful place to get these accessories are Boutique DeBandeaux on Etsy. They provide really
fun styles and accessories for the bright and fun natural haired diva!

These are just some of the accessories you can work with for your hair, and all black owned! There are so
many more out there that are great to help turn up your summer style this year.

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