Types of Hair Oils for Your Natural Hair

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When it comes to hair oils for your hair, there are a variety that can provide your hair with the nutrients and moisture your curls need to thrive and survive. Although there are many, quite a few people don’t know the purpose of many oils. It’s important to know what each oil brings to the table, and the best way to use these oils. Below are a few household favorites when it comes to oils for natural hair.

Hydrate Your Hair With Jojoba Oil

The first one, jojoba oil, is well known for its hydrating properties. Derived from the jojoba plant, this oil comes directly from the seed of the plant and can be found in many stores and locations. This oil can be used for your skin – wrinkles, acne and scarring, but for hair, can be used to help rejuvenate strands from the roots to the ends of your kinky, curly or coily black hair. It’s a great option if your hair is in need of a moisturizing “pick me up”.

Coconut Oil Encourages Hair Growth

Following jojoba oil, another great and well known oil that’s great for a variety of uses is coconut oil. One of the most versatile oils out there, coconut oil derives from the coconut itself and provides a wide range of abilities – even for the hair alone there are so many benefits. This oil can help stimulate growth for your hair, helps damaged hair and split ends, provides moisture, softens hair, adds shine, and helps condition your hair.

Control Fungus and Heal Your Itchy Scalp WIth Tea Tree Oil

Finally, tea tree oil is another household favorite. Many people don’t know that the oil derives from the steaming of Australian tea tree leaves to bring out the natural oils. Many do know; however, if the many benefits that tea tree can provide. A very calming oil for skin, hair and nails, for your hair this oil can help with dandruff, kill off fungus and bacteria, and can help strengthen your scalp.

Strong Healthy Hair Success

Overall, all 3 oils are beneficial in keeping your natural hair healthy, strong and moisturized – key factors in making sure your hair stays beautiful. Be sure to do your research in finding the best brand for each oil and if you’re not sure how your hair will react, do a small test on a small part of your hand to ensure there are no allergies or concerns.


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