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natural hair care mistakes to avoid

Are You Making These Protectivestyling Mistakes?

Protecting your natural hair is a huge part of making sure your naturally curly hair stays flawless. It’s a vital part of the process and ensures that your hair stays strong and retains its healthy new hair growth and length over time. Unfortunately, the struggles can be all too real when it comes to protecting your gorgeous mane. There is actually such a thing as too much and too little protection on your natural hair. Too many times, we overlook some of our favorite protective styles and methods and end up doing more damage than good, leaving our hair to pay the price. No worries though, because we’ve compiled some common protective styling mistakes and how to avoid them altogether so your hair can keep slaying all year long!

Braids & Weave

Both braids and sew-in hair weft can be the quickest solutions to creating a gorgeous look without having to actually deal with your own hair. Many women elect to crochet their hair with bulk or loose hair, creating a longer-lasting and lighter-feeling versatile look. You can find various kinky, curly, and coily textured braid hair here. Be careful when sewing in tracks or braiding in bulk hair. The pain and damage to your natural hair, not to mention to your confidence can be unnerving if care is not taken with installing these protective hairstyles.
Cornrows, braids, or weaves that are sewn or braided too tightly can cause extensive breakage, hair loss, and a lot of scalp pain that requires immediate attention. So in reality, if installed too tightly or poorly, you have defeated the purpose of "protecting" your hair. To prevent this, consult with your hairstylist to make sure there is an understanding when it comes to how tight your braids will be. When getting a sew-in, just remember that your foundation should be comfortable. Remember that you still have to actually sew the tracks to your foundation or weave cap and that means increasing tension. Start our like you can hold out! If things begin to hurt, say something.
Another common issue with braids and hair weaves is leaving them in too long. Among other things, the longer you leave braids or weave in can cause your hair to mildew and get that moldy "weave smell". Girl no. Just don't. Rock those weaves, wigs, and braids, but let's make sure we are healthy when we do. Typically, two to three months is the longest that you should protective style at a time.

Natural Hair Product & Usage

Not only can your hair be damaged by the styles you choose to rock, but the hair care products you use can also negatively impact your hair. You will need to find a healthy balance between too much or too little product use.
For example, too much and your hair is oversaturated with the product and just as much or more of the hair product ends up in the sink. Too little, and you’re left with your hair looking dusty, lifeless, and probably drier than the Sahara Desert. You can even do damage or prevent growth and nourishment when you use the wrong types of hair product. Because Private Stock Hair™ mimics all the characteristics of each curl type, natural hair product use also applies to your hair extensions and natural wigs.
The best thing to do to prevent your favorite products from destroying your hair is to do your research. Just like a big purchase, your natural hair, as well as PS Hair™, is an investment. You have to truly understand what you’re getting yourself into before signing on the dotted line. Sometimes it takes a while before you will get the right balance of water and how much, when, and how to apply your favorite hair moisturizer to keep your curls just right and keep more money in your pocket. Hang in there. Natural hair is an art and Black Girl Magic is real. Rise and reign, queen!

Maintain Good Health

Finally, another issue that often gets overlooked with protecting your natural hair is the importance of retaining your hair growth and overall health. Yes, your physical and mental, and emotional health and lifestyle choices directly affect your hair. What you put in your body is typically reflected in the appearance of, strength,, and performance of your hair.
To help prevent breakage and scalp issues, make a few social and lifestyle changes. Be mindful of the number of greasy foods, drinks, and sugar that you may consume. Kick toxic people out of your circle. Yup, we'll touch on this in a later post... Get moving! Discuss a healthcare regimen with your doctor and exercise if possible at your own pace. If you can't exercise, just getting out in the sunshine (get that vitamin D), doing more, and taking a few extra steps to stay physically active will help tremendously. Grab some strawberries every now and then or maybe more avocados (that deliciousness that makes up guacamole), focus mentally on your happiness, and start taking multivitamins to benefit hair and nail growth strengthening. Your hair responds to everything that occurs in your life. Remember to give your hair love by giving your body love. It makes a huge difference and changes your life. Love you, and your hair will love you right back.
Maintaining and styling is the fun and easy part of natural hair, but protecting your hair is the important part. By understanding what goes in your hair and how to treat your hair, you become an even bigger slayer of natural hair and a better you.
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