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Kinky Curly Hair Extensions | How do I Care For My Brazilian Remy Virgin Human Hair Extensions and Wigs by Private Stock Hair™. That's easy!  You can wash, use low heat, style, swim, work out, dye, or bleach our virgin natural color hair products. PS Hair is masterfully crafted. It is not necessary to seal your wefts but doing so may increase longevity. We do not recommend splitting hair wefts or using hair glue during your sew-in weave service.  

You can help promote your hair growth and increase PS Hair™ longevity by limiting or avoiding, color treatments and the use of hot hair styling tools. 

 You can minimize cutting the wefts during installation by using the fold-over method.  And remember, the older PS Hair™ textures get, the better they will look! Different types of hair extensions generally require the same care but of course, the curl pattern for each may vary due to curling size and other processing.  

Always use a high-quality moisturizing shampoo and a high-quality moisturizing conditioner to wash your hairpieces and human hair wig units.  Heavy product use, and over-saturating, may cause product buildup.  Over-conditioning causes the virgin hair to dry out and become unmanageable. 


  • Only comb or brush afro curl and kinky curly coily hair extensions while dampened or saturated with a co-wash solution.  First, apply a 50/50 mix of cream conditioner and water and gently detangle from the ends to the weft. You can also soak the hair extensions in a bowl or sink with water and conditioner mix.
  • Moisturize hair after being exposed to extreme heat, humidity, heavy rain, swimming, or anytime the hair looks dull and swelled.
  • Apply a generous amount of a wash-out creme conditioner to damp hair extensions prior to swimming.  This will help to protect the hair from matting and will keep your curls popping until you can shampoo your hair.
  • Always wash chlorine and saltwater from your hair and hair extensions immediately after swimming. Shampoo with a moisturizing mild shampoo followed by a moisturizing creme conditioner.
  • Always secure your hair before sleeping in at least 5 large braids.  Be sure to detangle your hair extensions before braiding.  Hair may be lightly dampened with the product before braiding but hair should never be very damp or dripping before sleeping.
  • Although you can apply heat to our curly virgin hair textures, we do not recommend doing so.  Please be aware that you risk your curls not reverting as tightly as you may like.   

Do Not

  • Do not sleep on wet hair. 
  • Do not apply heavy oils, alcohol, or clarifying products. 
  • Do not allow hair product build-up.
  • Do not over-process virgin hair.  Never process colored hair.
  • Only use a wide-tooth comb, rubber-tipped brush, or wig brush.
  • Never brush PS Hair™ when the hair is dry.
  • Do not apply products with alcohol, heavy oils, or clarifying agents.  Product buildup will cause your curls to clump together, appear dull, and swell.
  • Do not shampoo with hot water.  Hot water will cause hair to dry out.

Product Build-up

Dry and clumping hair extensions typically result from product buildup, product imbalance or improper detangling technique. Always secure hair when sleeping. Coat hair with a cream moisturizing conditioner just before swimming is salt or chlorine to help prevent tangling and keep your curls popping.    

To correct product buildup on your curly natural hair extensions, simply shampoo your hair with a moisturizing gentle shampoo to remove the build-up. Follow the shampoo with a moisturized conditioner to ad moisture and definition to your curls.  

How to Revive Your Private Stock Hair™ Bundles When Not Being Worn



  1. Spritz hair with warm water then apply three quarter-sized drops of a cream moisturizing conditioner (wash-out or leave-in). Alternatively, combine equal amounts of water and moisturizing conditioner in a misting spray bottle then apply liberally to dampen hair.  (Your can immerse the hair underwater if the hair is not installed).
  2. Finger comb to shape.  
  3. To detangle: Gently begin combing through the ends to the weft with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush. For more resistant areas, apply a small amount of moisturizing conditioner directly to the affected area, dampen and detangle. 

How to Co-wash or Pre-poo Private Stock Hair™ While Wearing the Hair


  1. Part hair into four sections and secure each section with hair scrunchies or clips. 
  2. Saturate each section with warm water.
  3. Apply a liberal amount of a high-quality moisturizing cream conditioner to one section of hair. 
  4. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently begin combing through sectioned hair from ends to the weft.  Add conditioner directly to clumped or resistant areas of hair then resume the process. 
  5. Repeat steps 1- 4 with the remaining three sections of hair. 
  6. Rinse.  Always follow shampoo with a co-wash.  
  7. Air dry or use low heat settings. 
  8. Style as desired.


Maintenance Tips

Gently shampoo & condition with "moisturizing" conditioners and shampoo's as needed.  Some DIY hair care products may even be found in your own kitchen.  

products in your kitchen. 

1.  Avoid product build-up. 

2.  Do not brush or comb dry hair. 

3.  Air dry. 

4. Revive curls with a co-wash or water spritz followed by a gentle detangle with a wide-tooth comb or wig brush. 

5.  Use warm water- never cold or hot.  Hot water will dry our your hair and hair extensions. 

6.  Avoid over-processing virgin hair when applying color treatment.6

7.  Avoid the use of hot stylig tools.  

8.  Always shampoo your hair extensions and wigs before hanging the hairpieces in a cool and dark location.

Bounce Back

Our Brazilian curls are 100% virgin Remy hair. The texture will revert back to its curl pattern after being wet. To keep curls popping, apply curl definers. You can review a list of good natural hair product options for curly black hair in a product search online. 

Styling Tips

Sew-in weaves (also referred to as "tracks") are the most popular way to use weft hair extensions. You can use hair wefts to create sew-in weaves or DYI wigs. You can sew or glue (not recommended) hair weave to a weave cap or directly to your 'braid down (braid pattern). We recommend that you sew around the hair weft as much as possible to help prevent possible damage or weakness of your tracks. 

It is also helpful to sew your wefts directly to a weave cap or weave sheet. Sewing wefts directly to your braid-down results in tension and stress on your hair follicles and strands leading to damage. For this reason, many women with thinning or fine hair find hair weave caps to be particularly helpful. Weave caps also tend to result in longer-lasting hairstyles and healthy growing hair when you practice good hair health. 

Consider trimming your split ends every 3 months or as recommended by your trusted hair stylist. Routine hair trimming removes damaged ends and typically results in healthy growing hair. Do not leave a hair weave in for more than 3 months. Remember to keep your scalp moisturized beneath your weave. To prevent that unmistakable and preventable "weave smell", keep your hair clean and remember to always thoroughly dry your scalp to prevent bacteria and mildew; (that wet dog wrapped in old weave smell). You should give your hair a break from hair weaves periodically.  PS Hair wigs, kinky curly bulk hair, or clip-in hair extensions are all good options.

Thinning edges, receding hairline, hair loss?   Firstly, seek an examination by a licensed hairstylist, and/or dermatologist to determine, or rule out, underlying medical conditions as a cause for your hair loss. Hair loss sadly can be much more than self-imposed via tension, stress, hats, product use, hair care, and/or choice of hairstyle. Private Stock Hair™ always wants you to 'look good but feel better'! Make sure that you don't have a medical condition going on. 

If your braid-down is too tight, it will only get tighter when the tracks are being sewn in. So, the tension in your hair is very often the culprit of thinning edges. Speak up when your hair braider is pulling your brains out. Speak up when your sew-in hurts or stings. Clue... If you need Tylenol before or after your weave install... consider making changes and new arrangements for your next install quickly! Stop handling your baby hair swooped and laid with products containing alcohol. Take it easy snatching your ponytail and updos. Looking good today, but bald tomorrow, just ain't cute. Finally, if you tend to pick at your hairline, please try to identify the stress factors in your life and seek medical attention, change your diet to include healthier choices, and/or start exercising. We can’t always cut toxic people from our lives, but we can control how they affect us.