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short natural curly hair wigs for 4c hair

Finding You: The First 4 Years of Your Natural Hair Journey

When becoming natural for the first time, your life begins to change. It’s an odd feeling that one can have, but somehow, can be rewarding and an experience that changes your perspective on life in more ways than one. Each year you strive to be and stay natural, you learn something new about yourself, and ultimately about others. From the moment you do the big chop or transition your hair, to your full-on afro or curls, each year you’re natural, you experience, feel and learn something new.


The first year after going natural brings you a number of feelings. As soon as you watch your relaxed treated hair fall to the floor, you begin to feel excited, nervous, anxious, happy, sad, all of the feelings you could ever feel. You’re proud of yourself for joining a movement, you’re anxious because although you’ve studied what styles will work for you, you don’t know how or what to pull them off with. You are nervous to show your friends and family, but feeling a slight bit of confidence because you can truly say “I am not my hair” and see people for who they just as they can see you for who you are.


 The second year of going natural is typically the ultimate test of who you are and what you’re mentally and emotionally made of. Although your hair is growing, it may not be growing fast enough in your opinion. You soon realize that for a while, your hair will have to be short and there won’t be too much you can do with it. There is excitement because you can move quicker in your day when waking up, but a bit of sadness washes over you because you begin to miss being able to do something with your hair. But, this opens a new possibility for you- exploring wigs and sew -in weaves with the same natural texture as your hair. For some, this will be a new experience, for others, this will be an exciting venture to try new natural hairstyles, like those you may find in PS Hair Look books. Your confidence level rises and you walk with a little more confidence; this new you have a bit more sass than the old you and you like it.


The third year into your natural hair journey is probably the easiest year for most all natural-haired people. The confidence level is at its peak time, and you walk as if you are the ultimate natural-haired expert. Friends come to you with advice and praise for your hair and how far it has come along, and your hair is at its best- healthy, strong, and the level of versatility you’ve given it is unbelievable. This is the year your life is also showing signs of confidence; with your confidence level, you’re able to take on more and do more. You really challenge yourself to be at your best. The third-year is YOUR year.


The fourth year after going natural is the “I want more” year. Although you love your hair, you’ve started to get bored with what you can do. You begin to challenge yourself to do something daring. This means you change up the color, look up cool protective styles and think about another big chop. Your routine is down to a T, and you constantly break records when getting twists, knots, and juicy popping curls ready for the day. A great way to continue experimenting with highly versatile hairstyles is in clip-in hair extensions!  Yes, in moments you can hit all your new style goals. You’ve also begun to notice others and their reactions, actions, and thoughts on your hair- which makes you even prouder to wear your hair and more. You have come a long way with your natural hair and it shows. You can finally live in that moment that you have natural hair. Keep doing your thing.  It looks good on you!


Comment-- What have been your experiences in the first few years of being natural?

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